A home with a fantastic view on a very steep lot

Just look at this view!

This couple's love of airplanes led them to this very high property. They wanted the view to be the focal point of this home. How could I design anything to compete with that mountain valley?

Having been a commercial contractor in Florida, this client brought me very detailed information including a topographical survey and a floor plan. I carefully listened to what they wanted in their home, and after inspecting the site began designing their home. Because of the very steep site, I was not able to take advantage of passive solar heating. But I carefully designed the roof overhangs to shade almost all of the glass facing the hot summer sun on all three levels. I also specified an insulated, unvented crawlspace for better efficiency. And we chose icynene spray foam to protect the house from the strong winter winds on this ridge. We also insulated the outside of the basement walls, to keep the foundation walls and crawlspace warm and reduce energy costs. We worked out a design that used termite treated foam panels with "z" channels to screw stucco lath to. These walls were finished with stucco and light weight man made stone. The clients also wanted a lot of "smart house" technology, including a complete video, audio, security, and lighting control system.

I was concerned when the clients decided to be their own contractor, especially with such a complicated home on this steep property. But I was able to be of assistance by providing construction inspection services. I was also able to assist in getting the building department to approve the cutting edge features of this home. The wife directed the entire project, and it was very successfully completed in seven months. She went on to get a contractor's license and a home inspection license, and start the business: Your Inspection Expert. This home is certainly a great recommendation for her ablities.

The contrasting wood creates interest on this great room ceiling. The kitchen has a booth with a view.

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Update, 2012: The clients sold their home, and the new buyers hired me to design an addition that improves the house and its energy efficiency. This addition was completed.

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